Granville Island, Vancouver

One of my favorite places in Vancouver is Granville Island, which is a large peninsula located across False Creek from downtown Vancouver.  Once used solely as a manufacturing site, it is now a popular tourist destination.  With over 275 business, it sports a marina, a hotel, the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, various drama theaters, a microbrewery, and a public market.

Aptly named for being located under the Granville street bridge
The bakeries in the market are incredible


You can find any type of fruit imaginable
I love cherries
Vegetable stalls everywhere
Including vegetables I have never heard of
You can find almost anything here
So pretty
This picture makes me happy
I love Macarons
Did I mention the dozens of eateries to choose from?
This was my view during lunch

I would strongly recommend that if you ever have the chance, take a leisurely afternoon to visit this magical place.  It is well worth your time.  Be sure to bring your own bags because you will not be leaving empty handed.

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