Pike’s Place

Today, woke up after a glorious sleep!  While the boyfriend went to the bookstore, I took myself off the Nordstrom’s Rack – where I bought two pairs of boots.  Such amazing deals – I had trouble choosing!

Then, I caught up with the boyfriend at Pike’s Place.  This isn’t just a tourist spot – some of the items here are fresh and gorgeous!  Here are some of my shots!

PP vegetables

Such beautiful fruits and vegetables for sale!

PP fish market

The seafood here is some of the best I have ever seen!

PP Flowers

Sorry this is so blurry.  These bouquets were so gorgeous.  The colors were amazing!

PP peppers

Look at these fresh pepper hanging items….

PP peppers 2

I don’t even like peppers that much and I still wanted to buy one!

PP first starbucks

Hard to see, but I believe this is the first Starbucks ever!!

Steep hills

Get your walking shoes on, because the hills in this city are something else!

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