Lincoln City

We spent a couple days in Lincoln City, which if you haven’t been, is more of a bustling and hustling beach town.  Our accommodation left something to be desired.  It was a small, dark “cabin” that felt slightly haunted.  I didn’t see anything, but I just had a tough feeling there.  I was often looking over my shoulder, checking to see what was standing behind me.  Not very restful!

To make matters worse, we were in the tsunami zone – which basically means that if there is an earthquake, we would be in danger and would be required to evacuate to higher ground immediately.  Let’s just say I was on high alert!

On day two, we took a drive up to Newport.  The drive was incredibly beautiful.  We stopped a few times to capture the beauty.  At one point, we could see whales cresting and blowing spray into the air.


Oregon Coast


In Newport, there was a wonderful sea lion post.

Sea lions




sea lion

One really fascinating fact about Oregon is that there has been several sighting of Big Foot, or as some people know it as “Sasquatch”.  As we drove along the highway that was lined with forest, I could easily see how this place would be optimal for a big foot to live!

Big foot



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