Breakfast of Champions at Gravy!

Gravy  This morning, we went to the famed “Gravy” for breakfast.  It was a non-nondescript restaurant that was packed to the brim.

The coffee is their own blend.  I think this was one of the best cups of joe I have ever drank!  Woman could live alone on this brew!

After viewing our next table’s portion sizes, I decided on a half order of french toast (made from Challah bread) and a bowl of fruit.  Challah bread is a special Jewish braided bread served on Sabbath and holidays.

This french toast was hands down, THE BEST french toast I have ever enjoyed in my entire life.  I can not believe how amazing it was.  Everything.  The texture, the taste, everything.  It was the perfect balance of sweetness and goodness.  Light and fluffy.  Delicious.  Beyond your wildest dreams.

fruit bowl

Delicious bowl of fruit.

half order french toast

This was the “half order” of french toast!  Can you imagine how big the full order is?


The boyfriend ordered a healthy omelet.


My boyfriend wanted to try their biscuits.  So he ordered and ate an entire biscuit. I was flattered when he told me my biscuits are better!   All, in all, I would give this breakfast a 9 out of 10.  It was frickin’ awesome!

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