Ghosts, Pizza and Doughnuts – Portland style

A rainy afternoon in Portland, Oregon, and what should you do?  Go on a walking tour, of course!

Before the tour, we stopped off at Old Town Pizza.  Located in one of the oldest parts of Oregon, this pizzeria is part of the Old Merchant Hotel, built in 1885.  The pizza was hot and delicious.  The decor was fascinating.

Apparently the hotel is haunted.  The Merchant Hotel used to offer both an upscale hotel service to wealthy patrons but is also offered the use of “working women”.  Nina, was brought into this unsavory business through white slavery.  Missionaries offered to “save” her from her life if she offered information.  She never was freed.  Someone murdered her and threw her body down the elevator shaft.  She has been seen several times wondering the basement and watching patrons eat.  People have smelled her perfume and seen her wonder around in an all black dress.

Old Town Pizza

Old Town Pizza

Old Towne Pizza window

Hawian Pizza

After our delicious lunch, we joined another couple for a walking tour of downtown Portland.   It was interesting and informative.

Old street Portland

Portland has some really interesting architecture.

Weird courtyard Portland

This leads to a little courtyard.

Bridge Portland

The Columbia River is so deep and swift, that even though Portland is around a hundred miles inland, it is still considered a Port city.  A large barge can easily make it into the heart of Portland due to the vast and deep nature of this river.


And Portland, just would not be Portland without Voodoo Doughnut, where “the magic is in the hole.”  Famous for their Voodoo Doll Doughnut, you get a doughnut in the shape of a person accompanied by a small pretzel stick.  You can name your doughnut, and then stab it repeatedly until red jelly pours out!  Enemy eradicated.

They are also famous for their “cock and balls” doughnut which is a chocolate covered doughnut in the shape of…well…cock and balls.  So big, you have to carry it out in a handy pink box.  Oh yes, and how could I forget, this mother of a doughnut is cream filled!!

This shop is open 24/7 and the lineup is usually around the block!  I had a plain chocolate covered doughnut and it was huge and delicious!  If you ever get to Portland, this place is a must!

One thought on “Ghosts, Pizza and Doughnuts – Portland style

  1. Fabulous post!! I *love* the ghost story…totally gave me shivers, and that restaurant is gorgeous! And those doughnuts…HILARIOUS!! How fun to stab it till red jelly comes out??!? Love it!! Keep up the pics and recounts of your vacation adventures! xoxo

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