A new day

photoWent to the outdoor farmer’s market.  Bought 20 lbs of delicious sweet peaches for $25.  My plans are to blanch them and freeze them for a winter of fresh sweet peach cobbler or peach pie.  Nothing better in the dead of winter.

Wiped out my fridge.  Bought groceries – including many healthy veggies!   BF invited me out to one of my favorite burger places for lunch.  I declined.  I can’t do it anymore.  Today, I want to eat healthy.

I think I am going to start my novel all over again.  Oh, I know.  What a mess.  I want my concept to remain relatively the same.  I want the same characters with the same history, but I need a more challenging story line, something that creates a better transformation for my character.  I need a bolstering middle.  No more sagging, flat, airless middle.  This time it is going to sing!

Today I am going to turn back to some of the lessons I learned in Martha Alderson’s “The Plot Whisperer”.  Martha really is the godfather of plotting and story structure.  (Now if only I paid a bit more attention to her lessons, I might not find myself in this pickle!!)

Martha talks about the 4 energetic markers which “identify four major turning points in every story”.   Since I am struggling so much to create good conflict, I really am going to focus more on her questions and lessons this time around.  Maybe do a bit more plotting before writing.

Hope you are all having a great day!





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